Special Event to Promote Chengdu's Culture and Tourism Takes Place in ROK

2023/11/4 23:56:19
DAEGU, South Korea, Oct. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- A special event themed "Enchanting Chengdu: A Journey through Parks" was held by Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Culture, Broadcast-TV and Tourism in Daegu, the Republic of Korea (ROK), in a bid to promote the culture and tourism of Chengdu, China. Guests from Chengdu and Daegu in the fields of tourism and media attended the event. Relevant agencies have signed several cooperation agreements with the Chinese city. The views of Chengdu as a "Culture City of East Asia" were also on display, including both the beautiful natural scenery and urban scenes, so as to attract more international friends to embark on a journey through parks in the city. Photos of the event site On the site, Chengdu and relevant organizations and enterprises in Daegu reached major cooperation agreements. The two cities aim to connect the tourism industries of Chengdu and all parts of the ROK. Also, they will deepen cooperation in the fields of economy and trade, industry, tourism, culture, etc., to share new opportunities and seek common development. At the event, an ambassador for Chengdu's culture and tourism, who has years of experience in cultural exchanges between China and the ROK, shared with the attendees his wonderful life in the Chinese city. Cultural activities take place in the city all year round, such as music festivals, concerts, dramas, stand-up comedy, home e-sports matches and creative design weeks; the city has a name for hosting international events such as the World Science Fiction Convention and the World Horticultural Exhibition, he said. Chengdu, with its unique scenery and character, has won sincere recognition among global tourists, he added. Representatives of institutions of the ROK gathered in an experience zone to feel the charm of Chengdu's intangible cultural heritage (ICH) items, including Shu brocade, Shu embroidery, lacquer techniques, silver filigree craft, paper-cut and bamboo weaving. Yang Longmei, an inheritor of Sichuan Provincial ICH Daoming Bamboo Weaving from Chengdu, demonstrated her sophisticated techniques on site, attracting many Korean attendees. Each piece of ICH items encapsulates a historical and cultural story of Chengdu. The Chinese city extends its arms from the zone to the international sister city Daegu. Photos of the event site The two sister cities are both acclaimed as "Culture City of East Asia". In recent years, they have bridged their cultural and tourism industries. Since Chengdu and Daegu formally became sister cities in 2015, cultural exchanges between them have turned out to be increasingly close. In 2016, the Daegu Art Federation and the Chengdu Federation of Literary and Art Circles signed a memorandum of cooperation; in 2017, a traditional dance troupe from Daegu came to Chengdu to participate in the Chengdu International Sister Cities Youth Music Festival. Furthermore, both of the two cities hosted the FISU World University Games, and the vitality of youth and sports has thus become their common charm. In recent years, the city has been successively selected as the best destination in China by TripAdvisor Traveler's Choice and the Best Cultural Tourism Destination in the Red Coral Award of Asia Tourism, and was also a finalist for the most beautiful Chinese tourism city by Federation Internationale du Tourisme. The enchanting allure of Chengdu continuously draws global tourists.